My Dad, the Drug Lord

Francine Lucas-Sinclair spent her life hiding the fact that her father was one of the biggest, baddest drug dealers ever. (October 2007)

Arrested Development

Teenagers: They’re not what they used to be.. But no amount of happy stats can counter the popular image of the teenage superpredator—or the notion that each generation is worse than the one before. (April 2006)

Children Will Foot the Bill for California's Prison Expansion

The compassionate and strategically wise parts of California's new prison plan are overshadowed by billions of dollars earmarked for new prison beds. The first victims of the state's shortsighted prison budget, will be the incarcerated and, most vulnerably, their children. (July 2006)

The War Off Drugs

The success of a California measure that offers drug offenders treatment before prison points a way out of the drug-war stalemate. (June 2003) 

“White Oleander” Unplugged

In her remarkable and unsentimental new memoir, "Like Family: Growing Up in Other People's Houses," Paula McLain recalls a tumultuous childhood in the foster care system. (April 2003)

The Drug War’s Littlest Victims

Measures to put drug abusers in rehab instead of jail could rescue their kids from the cycle of addiction, foster care and crime. (October 2002)

Punishment For The Whole Family

California prison officials want to prohibit parents convicted of drug offenses from touching their children -- even infants and toddlers -- for one year. (May 2002) 

Without A Nest

Is it surprising that foster kids, in the face of forced independence at the age of 18, might go to extraordinary lengths to postpone adulthood? (March 2002)